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Implant Dentistry 


A dental implant is made of titanium, it is made into the shape of a tooth root. The implant is surgically placed into the jawbone.  A replacement tooth is then fixed to the post. The tooth can be either permanently attached or removable, there are multiple types of dental implants : 

  • Single tooth implant replacement 

  • Multiple teeth implant replacement 

  • Full jaw replacement of teeth with implants 

  • All on X- Dental implants: The All-on-4-6 treatment concept is a cost-efficient, graftless( does not require bone grafting ) solution that provides patients with fixed full-arch teeth on the day of surgery. its an ideal option for those who have little bone in their jaws and those who want teeth on the same day of the procedure.  






  • Sinus Lift Augmentation A sinus lift augmentation/graft is a surgical procedure that restores the sinus cavity to its original size, and replaces the bone that has been lost as a result of the enlarged sinus. This new bone graft typically takes nine to 12 months to heal before the dental implants can be placed into the grafted bone.


  • Bone Grafting: This is a procedure that involves borrowing bone from another area of your mouth and graft it into the deficient area. Often, the bone is taken from the chin or in the back of the jaw where your wisdom teeth used to be.







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