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Private Fee's

Facial Aesthetics, oral surgery and dental implant fee's

General dentistry fees 

Skin Procedures

Eamination    from     £40
New Patient Emergency from £100
Existing patient Emergency from £80  

Mole Removal from £200

Skin Tag Removal from £100

Patient report  from    £100

small X-ray from        £10
OPG x ray               £40

Excision Removal including Histology from £300

Study models  from    £40

Prescription     from    £30

Shave Removal including Histology from £250

treatment of infected socket from £80

Anti-Wrinkle treatment                                                                                                     

Scale & polish from   £65 - £85

Perio treatment from   £100

Teeth splinting  from   £100

Glass ionomer filling   from £80

White filling from   £100

One area (single patient) £160
One area (Group of four patients) £120
3 area (Crow's feet, frowns & forehead) £230

Lips, nasolabial fold or marionettes each from £220 1ml - £440 2ml
Cheek, chin or jawline each from £220
Nasal Fillers (non-surgical rhinoplasty) from £300

 Root canal treatment from  £250- £450

 Teeth whitening from  £280

 Recementation of crown from  £50

Temporary dressing from £50

 Dental crown   from  £600

Dental bridge per unit from £600


Consultant Maxillofacial report from £100

Oral medicine consultation £150

Facial Pain / TMJ pain consultation £150

Facial Pain / TMJ pain consultation with Botox injection £250

CBCT scan single jaw £150

CBCT scan both jaws  £200

 Dental veneer per unit from £600

Oral surgery and implants

Denture acrylic             from £550

Flexible/ CC denture  from  £695

TMJ treatment    from  £250

Night guard      from   £200

Single tooth extraction from £200
Surgical extraction including wisdom tooth from £300
Coronectomy from £300 
Removing of lumps and mucocel from the mouth starting from £300     
Snoring device from £200                                                         
Implant consultation from £100                                                     
Implant consultation with single Jaw CBCT from £150                     
Implant consultation with both Jaw CBCT from £200                       
Single implant (unrestored) from £1300                       

Single implant (restored) from £2700                                           
Next multiple restored implants per unit from £2500                 
IV Sedation from £600

Ortho consultation from £65
Inman Aligner per arch from £2000 
Inman Aligner both arches from £3800
Clear Aligners per 5 from £1200
ABB(Align, Bleach & Bond) package per arch £3000
Bonded retainer per arch £200
Clear removable retainer (Essix retainers) £120

Cosmetic treatment and teeth whitening 
Cosmetic bonding per tooth £180
Philips Zoom teeth whitening £300
Enlighten teeth whitening    £600

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